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For anyone in Connecticut Jan. 26th, 2006 @ 03:10 pm
The CCSU Progressive Student Alliance invites you to hear Testimonies from Wal-Mart Production Factories on Thursday, 2\2\06 at 7pm in Founder’s Hall

Flory Arevalo lives in the Philipines. She produces Wal-Mart T-shirts at the Chong Won Fashion Inc. which is a Korean-owned garment factory. Ms. Arevalo is the secretary of her union. She has worked in this factory since 1990. In addition to Wal-Mart, she produces apparel for GAP, American Eagle, Ann Taylor, and Target

Damaris Meza Guilen lives in Nicaragua. She works at a factory called Mil Colores, S.A. and produces the Faded Glory jeans sold in Wal-Mart. She has worked there for a bout two years and is a member of the independent union at her factory. She also has years of experience in the apparel industry and is a strong defender of worker’s rights.

Stella Ines Orjuela lives in Colombia She works on a flower plantation called Splendor Flowers which is owned by a subsidiary of Dole. About 80% of the flowers produced at the plantation are sold in Wal-Mart stores. Ms. Ines is active in her independent union that was formed 1.5 years ago.

Listen and get involved in the efforts to confront Wal-Mart here in Connecticut. Please attend and show your support

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Nov. 24th, 2005 @ 11:31 pm
I just found this community and decided to join. My name is Melissa, I am a student at the University of Central Florida with a major in Political Science and a minor in Sociology. I have been reading a lot of books lately about racial and socioeconomic inequality (The Working Poor and Savage Inequalities had the biggest impact on me)and it just makes me angry that people in our own country live in third world conditions yet we pour money into fixing other nations problems. I know that this sounds naive, but some of the things I have been reading about shock me more then anything has ever shocked me so thats my motivation for completing college. Anyway, looks like a cool community so glad to join!
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Cheers and Jeers: NIN vs. MTV Jun. 9th, 2005 @ 06:34 pm
Cheers and Jeers

Revolution #005, June 12, 2005, posted at revcom.us

Nine Inch Nails vs. MTV

Nine Inch Nails refused to play the MTV Movie Awards after MTV decided to act as political censors. The band was scheduled to play the song "The Hand That Feeds" from their new top-selling album With Teeth. Apparently MTV had a problem with the scheduled performance.

The song "The Hand that Feeds" is a hard-rocking, timely, and provocative challenge to the war, holy crusades, not going along with the program and biting "The Hand That Feeds" you shit. Nine Inch Nails planned to play the song with a photo of Bush as a backdrop.

JEERS to MTV who felt "uncomfortable" with Nine Inch Nails' "performance being built around a partisan political statement." Who in the Bush administration delegated the role of political culture police to MTV?!

CHEERS to Trent Reznor, lead singer of Nine Inch Nails, for standing on the very principles being called for in their song "The Hand That Feeds." Reznor stated on their website: "Nine Inch Nails will not be performing at the MTV movie awards as previously announced. We were set to perform 'The Hand That Feeds' with an unmolested straightforward image of George W. Bush as the backdrop. Apparently the image of our president is as offensive to MTV as it is to me. See you on tour this fall when we return to play in America."

In the context of a society increasingly demanding blind acquiescence to war and empire and rising Christian Fascism, Nine Inch Nails' "The Hand That Feeds" is right on time... continue this article at http://rwor.org/a/005/cheers-jeers.htm

Bob Avakian's "Conquer The World" Now Online Apr. 22nd, 2005 @ 02:39 pm
Bob Avakian's controversial work "Conquer the World" is now online (for the first time).

First published in 1982, it was considered shocking by some, and liberating by others. It is a sweeping appraisal of the experience of the international communist movement and the world process of proletarian revolution.

And it is well known for its rather sharp critique of previous
Communist leaders (including Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao) -- in ways that some people thought was impermissible, and other thought was refreshingly iconoclastic and scientific.

Recently, speaking of Conquer The World, Bob Avakian wrote of it representing an "epistemological break" with much of the previous history and theory of the international communist movement -- especially on the topic of "political truths." (In other words, no more bullshit, lets dig into the good and the bad, and not wrap our own past or present in gauzy
self-deception and even deceit -- in the interests of short term gains.) We can only get where we are going -- to classless communist society -- if we look at the world as it is, if we have a truly scientific worldview, and a true obsession with truth. And this work applies that fearless approach to some of the most controversial questions of communism.

CTW is also famous for serious trying to rethink the proletarian revolution as a world process -- raising approaches to internationalism that broke with much of the previous communist movement in ways that still set some people's hairs on end.

It is available here:

Current only Part I has been published, but soon the RW website will have more online.

The Coming Civil War and Repolarization for Revolution in the Present Era Apr. 10th, 2005 @ 01:21 pm
The Coming Civil War and Repolarization for Revolution in the Present Era

[b]by Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

Revolutionary Worker #1274, April 10, 2005, posted at rwor.org

EDITORS' NOTE: This is part of a series of excerpts on various subjects—drawn from conversations and discussions, as well as more formal talks, by Bob Avakian—which we will be running in this newspaper over the next period of time. This has been edited for publication and footnotes have been added.

Just to be clear, I didn't choose this title lightly or facetiously, but in all seriousness. In speaking to "a coming civil war" I am "drawing inspiration" from Newt Gingrich (the prominent Republican politician who was formerly the Speaker of the House of Representatives), who has made the observation that what's happening now in the electoral arena and the broader things that it reflects in U.S. society is analogous to what was going on in the U.S. in the 1840s and the 1850s, and that this isn't something that will—I'm paraphrasing, but this is the essence—this isn't something that will go away. It will only be decided when one side or the other wins out. While, obviously, we don't take at face value things that representatives of the ruling class say, we do have to think seriously about this, and I do think that this reflects—through the prism of Gingrich's own point of view, it does reflect a very profound reality. We can look at the alignment in society now and see very profound polarization—without reducing things to how things fall out in bourgeois elections, which are shaped by the bourgeoisie after all, and by the very real conflicts within the bourgeoisie. This is shaped not simply through manipulation on the part of some unified bourgeoisie, but by real conflicts within the bourgeoisie—conflicts that do, more or less, correspond to what was said in the piece on "The Pyramid of Power"(1) in terms of what is represented by the Republicans on the one hand, and the Democrats on the other.

So there is something about that Newt Gingrich statement, there is something about the alignment that you can see, there is something about what was represented in the New York Times Magazine article by Ron Suskind(2), with its representation of the polarization between "reality-based" and "faith- based" communities—which, once again, in and of itself and in the way that it's expressed, represents the conflicts seen through the eyes of, and more or less proceeding from the standpoint of, the capitalist ruling class itself, but nevertheless does speak to something very real in U.S. society at this point.

You really do have two fundamentally opposed forces in society, in potential; and I'll speak to how we can't leave the alignment and the polarization as it is now—for many different reasons and in many different dimensions and on many different levels it has to be transformed. But you can see that (even while many people are not fully aware of this yet, though many are becoming more fully aware of it) there are two camps in antagonistic conflict with each other. Out of this can arise different kinds of resolutions, representing different interests, and ultimately different classes, going to wholly different places in terms of the future of society and the world.

We have spoken philosophically, drawing from Mao, about how "irreconcilable" is not a correct philosophical concept because the opposite would be "reconcilable," and Mao pointed out that there are no reconcilable contradictions. But nonetheless [ BA laughs ], leaving that aside, these really are irreconcilable world views and fundamentally irreconcilable views on what society ought to be based on and what it ought to be like.

There is something very profound and important going on here, even though—and this is another fundamental reason why there is a need for repolarization—the pole of the revolutionary proletariat, and the forces gravitating to it, are at this present time woefully small, nowhere near as large and powerful as they need to be. That has to change—and that's where we come in. But it is interesting, the comment by this guy Hertzberg from The New Yorker —to the effect that two bad things are going to happen because of the Bush re-election: One, all the terrible stuff Bush and company are going to do; and two, this is going to lead to, or provide an opening for, the revival (if you'll pardon the expression) of the radical left. So what people like that are recognizing, we should not fail to recognize—and seize on.


1) Bob Avakian,"The Pyramid of Power and the Struggle to Turn This Whole Thing Upside Down," RW No. 1237 (April 25, 2004). Available online at: http://rwor.org/a/1269/avakian-elections-revolution.htm

2) "Faith, Certainty and the Presidency of George W. Bush," The New York Times Magazine (October 17, 2004).

This article is posted in English and Spanish on Revolutionary Worker Online
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Other entries
» Revolutionary Communists Take on Christian Fascists Over Schiavo
Outside the Florida hospice where Terri Schiavo is dying, supporters of the RCP and Bob Avakian took on the Christian Fascists who have been raving virtually unopposed.

Here is what CNN wrote: http://www.cnn.com/2005/LAW/03/27/schiavo/index.html

" After remarks by Randall Terry -- an activist against abortion rights who has been acting as a spokesman for Terri Schiavo's family, the Schindlers -- members of a group calling itself the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigades seized control of the microphones and blasted Terry as a "Christian fascist thug" trying to interfere in "the most intimate affairs of life and death."

"[Terri Schiavo's] brain is not functional. It's not going to recover. Let her die in peace," pleaded Sunsara Taylor, a member of the group."


More details appear on Sunsara's personal blog: http://www.sunsara.blogspot.com/

Here is what the RCP thinks about these Christian Fascists and the terry Schiavo case: http://rwor.org/a/1273/schiavo-christian-right.htm

Here is where you can find writings of Bob Avakian on religion and fascism in America: http://rwor.org/a/1255/avakian_clinton_right_wing_conspiracy.htm

Here are audio tapes on the Christian Right and communist morality: http://bobavakian.net

Finally here is an online leaflet calling out the current madness and sharply posing the need for a radically different world: " The Battle for the Future Will be Fought From Here Forward"

Let's take them on. Help us circulate these links!
» RW: U.S. Threats Against Iran and Syria
U.S. Threats Against Iran and Syria

Close Encounters of an Imperial Kind
Revolutionary Worker #1269, February 27, 2005, posted at rwor.org

For many months, people across Iran have been reporting unidentified flying objects flashing over their heads. These mysterious UFO incidents have been most intense in the skies over Bushehr and Isfahan provinces and near the city of Natanz.

The Iranian government knew that these were U.S. drone aircraft penetrating their airspace--focusing on areas that have major Iranian military facilities. Fleets of these drones have been launched from U.S. airbases in occupied Iraq. Such aircraft can be used to spy on military operations, launch missiles and test air defenses (in preparation for future military strikes).

Finally, on February 16, the Iranian government went public, explaining that what the people were seeing was military provocations by the U.S.

Iranian Information Minister Ali Yunessi announced:

"Most of the shining objects that our people see in Iran's airspace are American spying equipment used to spy on Iran's nuclear and military facilities. If any of the bright objects come close, they will definitely meet our fire and will be shot down."

Yunesi added that the U.S. would not learn anything through these provocative flights: "Our nuclear activities are open and very transparent. Our military activities are all legal."

These incidents were just the start of escalating threats against Iran. The day after Iran exposed the U.S. drone invasions, Israel's Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom claimed that Iran was just six months from knowing enough to build a nuclear weapon.

In Washington, President Bush openly gave Israel a green light to attack Iran. Here is what he said: "If I was the leader of Israel and I'd listened to some of the statements by the Iranian ayatollahs that regarded the security of my country, I'd be concerned about Iran having a nuclear weapon as well.'' Then he ominously added, "We will support Israel if her security is threatened.''

This is a promise of support before-the-fact for an aggressive military strike on Iranian facilities -- in which the Israeli air force would be acting (once again) as forward agents doing those dirty deeds for U.S. imperialism which Bush would rather not do directly.

In previous statements, Condoleezza Rice openly said that Bush has "not taken the military option off the table" in regard to Iran. And also that a military strike against Iran was "not on the agenda at this point."

The crudeness, recklessness and incredible arrogance of these U.S. threats is mind-boggling. It is now considered normal that a country like Iran should live under permanent military threat from the U.S. It is considered acceptable that U.S. allies attack countries without warning, and that the U.S. give them permission in public.

And just to be clear, let's review some basic facts.

Iran (which has an oppressive, backward government headed by religious fundamentalists) has not actually threatened or attacked any of its neighbors, and certainly cannot represent any military threat against the United States.

With now-familiar hysteria, the U.S. (which also, incidentally, has a very oppressive and backward government headed by religious fundamentalists!) accuses Iran of trying to develop "weapons of mass destruction" -- i.e. nuclear weapons. However it is rarely pointed out that both the U.S. and Israel actually already have nuclear weapons, and have repeatedly used them to threaten people of the Middle East, including Iran!

So neither the U.S. nor Israel have any right to speak on these matters--and certainly no right to launch unprovoked military attacks on Iran.
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» Discordian Listserv

Anyone seeking enlightenment, eternal salvation, higher purpose in life, free ipods, nude photos of celbrities, or the lost city of Atlantis should join the Abnormail(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/abnormailchaos/), the greatest Discordian listeserv ever.  All the cool kids already have.  Don't miss out.  Fo shizzle.


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» Demand Election Reform

There are so many powerful images from our country's long struggle for racial and economic equality. Every history book has the same black and white pictures -- from places like Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

So, as we prepare to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King on Monday, I'd like to share some equally powerful images of Election Day, 2004 -- from places like Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

In honor of Dr. King and the 40th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, please sign your name to our demand for electoral reform nationwide.

» (No Subject)
I hate to start the New Year with bad news, but the Senate is about to consider Alberto Gonzales' nomination to become Attorney General, replacing John Ashcroft. Gonzales is the White House counsel notorious for opening the door to torture at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay prisons. Senators should view the Gonzales nomination very skeptically, given this radical history. As part of the upcoming hearings, we can call on Senators to ask Gonzales to unequivocally renounce torture as an instrument of American policy.

Join me in asking Gonzales and Senators to prohibit torture by clicking here:

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